Feeding the ones you love is a hugely under-rated task. With all the allergies and dodgy foods out there feeding has become more stressful than ever before , needless to say time seems to be disappearing as we as parents work harder and harder to give our kids a great life. Gone are the days where we as mothers could cook all day , 3 meals a day for our husbands and kids.Image

More than ever before so many parents are asking me for advice on how to feed their families better. I am certainly not a professional in anyway. I do not believe in diets and I certainly do not follow any fads nor do I believe in low fat. I am not a skinny size 8 (or even 10 for that matter) , and anyone who knows me knows I love my food and all kinds of delicious food as a matter of fact! What I do believe in is nature and what it has provided for us in a wholesome unadulterated manner – Fruit , grains , dairy , meats , honey – whatever the earths gifts may be – i believe its great! What i do not believe in is genetic modification , hormone injected and medicated meats , chemical preservatives , flavour enhances ,fake ANYTHING whatsoever!!!! When you find out that what you are feeding  your loved ones is one molecule away from being plastic – be alarmed!!!! be very alarmed!!!!

Nature on its own is perfect – why try to better it. Cut down on the real thing rather than replace it with something synthetic – That is a rule I live by. Butter is better for you than margarine – FACT! Honey is better for you than aspartame – FACT! Unless you dealing with diabetes there are natural alternatives like xylitol! Look to nature first!!!!

I am hoping to inspire ‘responsible‘ feeding. I realize HEALTHY living is expensive but doctors fees in the long run are way more. I have been teased and ridiculed by countless parents who insist that their kids are allergy free and perfect because they give their kids so much junk to eat and that mine have exzema because he has not been exposed to anything. Yes my child has had exzema since a baby it may be hereditary , I do not believe that healthy eating can cause illness but i do think that if your child has allergies it can be controlled to some extent by what he or she eats – Life works like this , we do not rear our kids just for the next day , we rear them into the adults we want them to be , we invest in their education so they can be successful adults but ask yourself – am I investing in their health? All the formal education in the world will not prevent illness – HEALTH IS WEALTH. More than 100 000 South Africans are diagnosed with cancer every year. And victims are increasingly younger –  CANSA ORG states that 90% of cancers are caused by environmental and lifestyle factors such as smoking , diet and exercise.

As a family we are far from perfect , I know my husband sneaks out onto the porch at night when he thinks we are all sleeping and has a smoke , on Mondays if we all tired from the weekend and the house is still a mess we buy fish and chips. The point is not to be perfect but start small , make better choices , choose the lesser evil. Drink fruit juice instead of coke, have nandos instead of kfc , honey instead of white sugar – baby steps.

Our biggest battle – how to get at least 5 fruits and veg into your family in 1 day:


My first tip to you is INVEST IN A JUICER. You can buy a secondhand one at for under R200!!!! Once you have the swing of it purchase a fancier one that can handle more veg. You can juice almost anything. Start mild – more fruit than veg and slowly introduce more weird tasting things such as raw ginger. We juice apples , spinach , beetroot , ginger , carrots and cucumber.

Now comes the tricky part – how to get them to drink it!


Buy the biggest plastic syringes you can find , we purchase the 60ml disposable syringes that you can find at most chemists and make a game of it! Fill the syringes full of veggie juice and let them squeeze it into their mouths – they can race it! And have names for the different colours  of juice , for instance our concoction of green veg is Ben 10 super juice or Hulk power juice , the beetroot juice is Iron man juice – for those of you with girls im sorry you on your own for this one but be creative and always have fun!


Good luck! I will be posting recipes and tips as often as possible and if you are interested in purchasing a secondhand juicer for cheap but don’t have the time to find one let me know , i may just be able to help you source one.

Much love




Last summer our courtyard was published in The Destiny magazine.

The best thing about summer is preparing our courtyard for late afternoon tea parties and hot night suppers! Living in Woodstock means we limited to outside space but small spaces are often the best to decorate and create an atmosphere of intimacy and homeliness! The trick to making it fun and inexpensive is to use whatever you have or can get your hands on for cheap – recycle , re-use , re-purpose and re – do anything. Instead of buying expensive pot plants use old tins , buckets , enamel basins , old baths , sinks , rusted trunks , flip! make a garden in the bonnet of an old car if you have the space! Be free , scratch out your grannies old kettles and broken bowls , it all works to give you an eclectic personalized look for this summer.

We have lots of bits and bobs in store so pop in anytime Monday to Friday 10am – 5pm or Saturday 10am – 2pm


Its been a while since Iv blogged! I was on a roll and then just disappeared , its been a very eventful time. The last time I blogged we had just opened in Observatory and found our space in Kalk Bay and since then we have closed our space in Kalk Bay , been having a ball of a time in Obz , found out i was pregnant , graced the pages of the Destiny magazine , The Wedding Album magazine and the latest being this month’s House and Leisure Magazine; Our 360 Initiative handed out nearly 30 boards to the underprivileged kids thanks to the boards and jewelry being sold from the store.

So all in all we have had a very busy 7 months – little did we know that i was pregnant when we started this venture or we would probably never have done it , but im glad we did. 

Its been an incredibly exciting time and the best thing is the amazing friends we have made , doesn’t feel like a real business , its just too much fun , so iv opt for the term ‘monkey business’ as it really feels as though we just playing around!

So come and join the fun at The Cardomom Monkey , grab a cup of coffee from our neighbor next door , pull up a chair , read a book , have a chat with the many people popping in all day or just treasure hunt – whatever your ‘monkey business’ may be!

look forward to seeing you all



I would like to officially announce to EVERYONE that THE CARDOMOM MONKEY will be branching in to Kalk Bay. I know this comes as a surprise , Im hoping a pleasant surprise! We will have a little store in the KALK BAY CO-OP alongside few other great craftsman and designers!!!

We haven’t thought through this decision at all , but it feels great! So I’v decided lifes too short to think about everything! Sometimes one should just do!

Besides I LOVE KALK BAY – its flippen AMAZING!

The doors will be open from 1st September and I will keep you posted on our progress ….


THE CARDOMOM MONKEY can be found in THE KALK BAY CO OP , which is situated in the shop formerly known as Cape to Cairo at

No.100 Kalk Bay Main rd , KALK BAY

Cant wait to see you thereThe signage and name will of course change but this is our exact location! If you know this store , you know where we are ….

Sorry for being such a terrible blogger but I’v been so busy at the shop , which is a good thing! Lots of people streaming in , some to buy , some to chat , some to browse and some just to hang out and we LOVING it all , no matter the reason its been a great vibe.

Thought i should share a few of our items with you and hopefully entice you to paying us a visit whether it be to purchase , browse , shop or hang out – we would love to have you regardless.


vintage suitcases and trunks , great for stylish storage or used as a coffee tabe


we have wooden crates , new crates even old metal crates – great for growing herbs in , putting up as shelves , using as draws or packing in toys …. endless what one can do with crates , I think i should blog on that separately or i will not stop talking about the versatility of crates!


Amin’s absolute favorite chair!!! He is finding it very hard to part with this beauty. Its huge and indulgent and wonderfully imperial! The thrown of my shop at the moment. A grandious example of an Englishman’s club chair upholstered in fabric by The prestigious American fabric house F.Schumacher who’s fabrics are used in the White House as well as all the presidential homes in America – and we can see why.


funky and bright retro cotton velvet armchair and red vinyl office chair – fun summer skirts hanging over the red office chair

42 Piece vintage noritake dinner service – LOVING THIS


And there is MUCH MUCH MORE ……….. i will keep posting


don’t forget ……. NO.114 LOWER MAIN RD , OBSERVATORY